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New Product by Patcraft

Introducing a made in the United States of America resilient with wood and stone visuals, Anew boasts a wider plank variation at 7.75″ X 48″ and is available to ship within 10 business days. Offered in both a 2.5 mm and 5 mm option, Anew is available in three popular…

Coastal Chic

Charleston. We have it all. We are southern. We have charm. We are historic. The food, the shopping, the water, the sights. We are America’s #1 preferred wedding destination. (Not a shocker.) Everyone wants to come here, and we welcome it. Tourism is booming. People are drawn to us in…

Jay’s 50th Celebration

Happy birthday to you! Birthdays are meant for celebrating, especially the accomplishment and milestone of turning 50,  and it was the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with the team.     A big thank you to The Carolina Girl for a beautiful sunset cruise around the Charleston Harbor,…

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