Apartment, Condo & Rental Flooring Replacement

Apartment condos and rental properties serve as crucial alternatives to traditional home ownership, meeting individuals’ and families’ evolving needs and preferences. These options provide a convenient and flexible living arrangement. As previous tenants move out, replacing the units is a fresh start for a new resident. The sooner this is completed, the quicker a new resident can start enjoying the space.

We understand your expectations regarding responsiveness, professionalism, and quality service. Our staff will work with you to ensure we have the appropriate measurements for each unit and will offer you the best products at a competitive price.

Apartment Condo & Rental Replacement Services We Offer:

  • An Individual Replacement
  • Corridor Replacement
  • Clubhouse and Amenity Renovation
  • Large-Volume Installations

Deciding to start an apartment condo and rental replacement can seem intimidating. However, working with a company you can trust makes all the difference. FSL can guarantee you excellent customer service and excellent results. Email sales@fslteam.com or call 843.934.0001 to schedule a time for one of our team members to site measure your project. We look forward to meeting you!

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